Not Getting Traffic From Google? Best Tips to Drive Traffic From Google in 2013

a No doubt that Google is the top search engine, Billions of peoples are searching daily on Google and a lot of bloggers and webmasters are getting a large number of traffic from it. After starting my new blog Geekten I've noticed few things that should also be considered in On-page SEO and very useful for getting traffic, I will share them here because most of new blogs are not getting enough traffic from Google or from any other search engine.

 Tips to Drive Traffic From Google in 2013

Submit Sitemap to Google: 

Sitemap helps Google to find out your website/blog pages and index them in search, Usually for blogger we use this sitemap tool . So first step is to submit sitemap in google webmaster tools to get indexed in google. 

Post Quality Content: 

Every blog need quality and original content for readers, If you don't have original content, Simply you can't get high ranking in search engines. So always write your own content and don't copy from any other blog.

Use Meta Tags:

For getting good traffic from Google and other search engines we have to optimize our posts in different manners, Meta tags is one of them. Always write meta tags for each post and that should be different from other posts meta tag.

 Now in meta tags you can also target your keyword to get in SERP's and attract users directly from search to open your post.

Optimize Permalink: 

This is the second step to optimize your post and get shown in search with your targeted keyword. We can write our targeted keyword in permalink in order to optimize post.
Actually when Search engine crawler crawls the site it checks these things.
  1. Tittle 
  2. Meta Tags
  3. Content
  4. Permalink
  5. Headings
So if you also focus on permalink along with content, I'm sure it will help you a lot to drive traffic from

Use H2, H3 Tags:

H2 and H3 tags helps a lot to get rank with a single keyword in Google, Yes you should use multi-keywords in H2 and H3 tags. In blogger and wordpress we can easily do that. 

Optimize The Tittle Of Post: 

Use Google adwords tool to find high searching keyword, Try to put that keyword in your tittle. Like now a days the searches about 2013 are popular so try to include 2013 in your tittle and do write posts about 2013 to get huge traffic.
get traffic from google

You can see above the screen shot of my 1 week old blog's stats, YES! this pic is 1,2 week old but at that time my blog was only 1 week old and it got more then 2900 page-views a day, How? Just by using keywords in tittle, meta tags and permalink. So if your blog is old and is not getting enough traffic from google then you should do the same as I did. I'm sure you'll crack out your old stats.

Optimize Images:

This is the last step to optimize your blog post on page, Always write the keyword of your post as image name. like if image name is 10009dsc.jpg then rename it to keyword.jpg 
  After it. Use ALT text to tell google more about your image, write a short discription like the tittle of post. etc

After Publishing post - Ping them:

Search on Google " URL pinging websites " open any of them and ping your URL, Pinging URL helps to get index fast and come-up in SERP's. 

Ok! Now apply these things on your next blog post and see the diffrence :) I hope you like this post - Thanks for reading.


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