Blogging in 2013 - Why You Are Lucky If You Are Going To Start Blogging in 2013?

Now a days blogging is very popular, Almost 60% Internet users knows about blogging, Google and other search engines are very advance and can detect any black hat activity easily, NOW blogging is not easy as a piece of cake, You should blog just for readers and if even your mind gone at the side of search engine optimization, I'm sure your blog will get hit from google panda or google penguin.
 Search engine optimization is one another field but if you really want your blog to be optimized then just focus on your content and readers. Believe me if you do the same you'll automatically get good rankings in search engines as well as good number of readers.

Categories vs. Tags? Which one has more importance?

If you are a WordPress user then you must know about categories and tags that are used frequently in this blogging platform. However, you may not know that purpose of these features and as we all want to blog keeping SEO rules in mind; you must also be thinking that which is better for SEO? I’m assuming that you are using categories and tags both in your blog already but if you are confused about how to use them and which one carries more importance then this post will make things a lot easier for you.
First, it I important to know about the basics of Categories and Tags so there are no complications in your thinking process.


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