Top 5 Best Internet Download Managers of 2012 & 2013

If you are using the internet, a time will come when you will have to download something. So basically a Download Manager is a program which is just like the download managers we have in our browsers,
But sometimes they do not give us the full speed of the internet and they are not accurate. To speed up your Downloads and to manage them easily we take the help of a “Download Manager”.

Right now there are many Download Managers which are available on the internet which we can use for free or for a little amount of money.

1. Internet Download Manager 
Internet Download manager

Internet Download Manager is my favorite download manager and is also pretty popular. It is also known as IDM.
Its Featured include the automatic downloading of any file in particular.
It has got a list of recent files that have been downloading, through that it is easy to locate your files.
IDM makes folders such as:
  • Music
  • Programs
  • Documents
  • Compressed
And the files which are like .mp3 go into Music and the files which are in .exe format go in Programs and which are like .pdf go into Documents and files like .rar go into Compressed Folder. It Also Accelerates your downloads according to your download speed. It splits the file into pieces to download it simultaneously. IDM Supports all the latest browsers and is only available for Microsoft Windows.

2. Free Download Manager
best internet download managers

Free download manager is a free as it says and a pretty easy to use. It accelerates your download and you can also manage your downloads. Free Download Manager is very safe. It can also resume broken downloads if there is a problem from the server. It Imports list of URL’s from your clipboard.
It splits the file into pieces to download it simultaneously. It is only available for Microsoft Windows and supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Netscape 
  • Sea monkey

3. Orbit Downloader
best internet download managers

Orbit downloader is a popular download manager you can download audio, video or any types of files with the help of it. It is only for Microsoft Windows. People often want to download videos from Youtube; it easily grabs the download link and lets you download it. Like other download managers it also accelerates your download speed. Orbit Downloader supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web Browsers. It splits the file into pieces to download it simultaneously.

4. Download Accelerator Plusbest internet download managers
Download Accelerator Plus supports all latest browsers. It accelerates the speed more than any other download manager. It supports 42 languages. It is very security cautious as it scans the file(s) when it is downloading it. It is Available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS x.
It comes in three editions:
DAP Free, DAP Premium and DAP Mac.

5. WxDownload Fast  
best internet download managers

WxDownload Fast is a free download manager which supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS x, BSD and Linux. It gives us an easy access to completed downloads and it also supports the function of pausing the download at a certain moment and then resume it. It has a portable version for Microsoft Windows. It also supports multiple languages. It splits the file into pieces to download it simultaneously.

Get Your Work Done More Efficiently With These Amazing Free Android Apps

android picture with apps

For many people, iPad and Android tablets have taken on the role of the traditional PC. However, tablets are not yet there when it comes to getting work done very fast. Fortunately, there are a number of apps on the Google Play for your Android tablets that will make you more productive and let you work more efficiently. 

This note taking app has been in the market for more than a few years now. It was there since the PC days and it allows you to take notes anywhere, anytime. It is one of our favorite apps. It helps you organize your thoughts whether it is by typing or recording audio. It will neatly arrange all your notes, so that you can easily access them later.
The best thing with Evernote is that is available for all Apple devices and smartphones as well. It syncs all your notes across these devices so that you don’t have to worry about copying them or creating a central database of notes. 
productive android apps

If you think Siri is amazing, wait till you see Robin. This is a virtual personal assistant that does more than just speech recognition. It has tons of more useful features as compared to Siri. For instance, Siri can only take questions and answer them. However, Robin can also write messages, Tweet for you and read our tweets from your stream. 
What’s more, she also gives you a lot more such as turn by turn directions for wherever you want to go. You want real time information about parking space? No problem. Robin has it ready for you, wherever you go.
siri cometetor

Ever wished that you had your Microsoft office suite on your Android tablet? Turns out, there is a way to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations with office on your tablet too, courtesy CloudOn. This amazing free app lets you run the same Microsoft programs on your Android tablet for free. 
CloudOn is a virtual PC terminal that emulates your Windows PC on Android. If you want to be productive on the go, then this is a must have app. You don’t even have to pay for it.
The best android app

Adobe Reader  
Reading PDF files on Android can be a pain sometimes. There is a default app on all tablets, but it is very slow and sometimes doesn’t display your documents properly. Fortunately, Adobe Reader alleviates this problem by giving you a full featured PDF reader that is fast and more efficient. 
Coming from the creators of PDF, it displays your documents perfectly, so they are practically the same as when you read them on your laptop. Many documents on the web are in the PDF format. They may be reports that you want to read or white papers. Adobe Reader helps you manage all these apps with great ease. 
the best pdf reader for android os

Microsoft OneNote  
This is yet another excellent note taking application that comes from Microsoft. It is the best productivity app that you can find. Much like Evernote, you can add anything to your notes including text, audio, pictures, video and manage them very easily. You can speak to OneNote and it will record your messages perfectly. 
You can write on OneNote and it will recognize your handwriting and store it in plain text. It is suitable for all devices. It is available for all laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. The Google Play Android app store is filled with more such productivity apps. However, they are the best that we have used. Depending on what you want to do, there are even more apps in this category to make your life easier. 

Author's Bio:Tarmizi provides a lot of information on his posts about technology and computers. He also writes a lot of posts on ideas to get into top IT Company of your choice.

5 Pitfalls in Affiliate Marketing and Their Possible Solutions

Tips to avoid pitfalls and their solutions

Affiliate marketing is considered as a way of making easy money. This is, however, a misconception. The people who have experience about affiliate marketing and the related fields know this is profitable and lucrative and is easy and feasible in the primary stages and steps. Making mistakes is also very easy in this field as there are a number of factors and issues which are in play such as readers, sales copy, traffic, product etc. such factors can sometimes be absolutely disastrous.  
The people who gain experience in this field have the capability to overcome the minor mistakes. Those who don’t have any expertise, however, have to suffer problems and lose. The starters and initiators in the field of affiliate marketing may, therefore, get disappointed knowing that making mistakes is so common in the affiliate marketing. But here is what you called the guideline about the issues that prevail and you will get to know the mistakes and the solutions to those pitfalls for the new publishers and initiators.

Hasty Decision in choosing a product
 A number of starters and new publishers are so fervent to get the big cash; so they just choose the product immediately that comes firstly in their access and target. This course of action is not cautious and careful, and this leads to your disappointment that your hasty decision to choose the product was wrong and this product has not relevance with what you needed and supposed to do. If there is no enthusiasm regarding it, you are not likely to generate large sales and renovations which are needed for adaptation and affiliate marketing.

Unable to use or purchase the product that you want to sell 
The credibility and worth of the product should be known to the affiliate programmer or publisher. The common mistake is made when the publisher fails to but the product that he/she wants to sell. This takes you back to the initial point where you need to be acknowledged by the product pretty well which you are selling.  If you don’t know, you will fail to sell it convincingly. As you are doing an investment in the product that you are selling, you should be careful and make it a strong investment for carrying out the affiliate marketing well.  

Failure in promoting affiliate programs
In order to make affiliate marketing business successful and developed, it is important to get attached and associated with the social and viral marketing programs. There can be so many ways of promoting the affiliate business and the initiator must think of some before starting. These can be social networking push, writing articles or blogs etc. Conversions and adaptation can only be through the promotion of the affiliate program and this will lead to increase in traffic.

Connecting many affiliate programs
another type of draftee error is to join a number of affiliate programs. This is done when the publisher thinks that being a part of so many programs at one time will be of profit and a huge benefit. However, this is a misconception and a wrong belief. This step rather is a disadvantage and this becomes difficult to give proper time to programs and keeping concentration and focus on all of the affiliate programs equally. A better and advantageous option is to invest in a single affiliate program, give time, focus and money and this will result in a solid and adequate commission profit.  

Mistake of getting low-paying commissions
The affiliate marketing business is very profitable and beneficial if is maintained in a proper and a professional way. It needs a pretty good investment and therefore, there is no reason and worth in sighing up with a commission rate of 2% or 5%. This not only wastes time but also is termed unworthy by ROI.  

Once you are aware of the pratfalls that you can make and the ways to avoid those errors, no o ne can resist from becoming an affiliate head. This needs a little time, hard work and concentration and ultimately, you can experience the affiliate marketing success and profits.   

This is a guest post by Lewis Hooker, who is a real estate marketer and he helps his clients to find new condos in Maryland.  You can reach him via his Gtalk : LewisHookeronline[AT]

How To Make Money Online Using SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization money tips

Making online money is possible today. It is considered a difficult matter but there is nothing difficult. You have to remember that everything related to online money making is simple and easy. However, it is true that continuous working and attention is required for the online money making. Using various techniques to earn online money is a trend today but search engine optimization is among the techniques that have got popularity. It is true about the search engine optimization that this technique has potential to enable the online workers for money production and generation.
Why you don’t try this method? Give answer if you don’t like search engine optimization as money making online technique. It is an amazing fact that most of the online workers, website owners and bloggers understand the importance and significance of search engine optimization. This technique is called – soul of online world. Without using search engine optimization it is not possible for the online world to get success in any online activity. It’s time to pick the best ideas helpful to generate the money online. If you have selected the topic of today for online money making then you need to be consistent.

Start a web designing company
If you are skilled search engine optimizer then you should start a web designing company. It is true that there is a difference between search engine optimization and web designing company services but both the services are working in close contact. In normal cases, the people hire web designing companies and services for the creation of blogs and websites. However, there are some search engine optimization techniques that are used by the web designers.
For the service hirers it is important to check the reputation of web designing companies. Take care in this matter because it will work for you. Without incorporating search engine optimization in your final web designing service it is not possible to generate money faster. For faster generation and production all the necessary search engine optimization techniques should be used. Don’t forget to keep compatible search engine optimization techniques. Keep these techniques in mind if you really want to make your blogs and websites efficient in money making.

 Use exact popular keywords and text phrases
It is required to use the keywords getting popularity online. For example, visit Google search engine and give any keyword. You will get thousands of results matching your keyword. It is called the keyword optimization. Remember, making and optimizing the keywords is a primary step for the online workers. Without using exact keywords it is not possible to generate money. All these points should be in your mind when trying efficiently to produce money. It will be better to work on popular keywords. If you are unable to generate the optimized keywords then contact with online companies for this search engine optimization part.

Use online social media
For the development of a good search engine optimization you need to connect your websites and blogs with social networks. It is a good method to generate web traffic for your blog or website. Remember, more web traffic means you are going to earn more money online. It is possible to generate more web traffic with the help of search engine optimization techniques. Why don’t you try these techniques? The readers are suggested to adopt this technique immediately by installing the search engine optimization development instructions. Don’t be worried about the social media because there are so many networks available online. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube and Yahoo for social media connections.

Use photos and links
Most of the bloggers use photos for search engine optimization. Topic related pictures are uploaded online after attaching the web links. It means the photos will act like a link development source. People will click on these photos and links will guide them to visit web pages automatically without any special movement or action.  

Optimize Your Blog – Top SEO Tips for New Blogs and Websites

HD SEO Picture edited by rock paki

Optimization in search engines is very easy but if;  your blog have quality and reader-friendly content, SEO is very vast, There is not only a single method by which your website/blog can be optimized but there are a number of methods to do search engine optimization.
Before starting optimization; you should make quality content, If you have good content then SEO is not difficult for your and without quality content your website or blog can’t be optimized in search engines. We optimize our blog and websites to get traffic and readers from search engines as SE’s are the big source of traffic. So there are a lot of methods to optimize your blog–in search engines.

Quality Content – In the terminology of SEO, Quality content means reader-friendly content. If your article or your content is well written and well presented then this is called quality content. As I said above that optimization (Off page) is not possible without quality content. So this is the first and the most important step to optimize your blog in search engines easily. Always write reader-friendly article and divide it into some paragraphs, use line numbers for points and use headings to highlight any point in article to make it easy to read.

Social Media Promotion – Is the second big source of traffic in 2012, Bloggers and webmasters are getting millions of readers/visitors from – social media websites. Use these websites as a source of traffic and promote your blog content in these websites. By promoting in social media websites your blog can get a-huge traffic. Well this is a must-do thing for new blogs because getting traffic from search engines takes some time so for quick traffic and – optimization you use this.

Submit Sitemaps to Search engines – Search engine don’t only mean Google, But! There are a lot of search engines like Bing, Blekko and ask etc. Most of search engines; don’t index any website/blog until they don’t have sitemap, so submit sitemaps to diffrent country search engines to get traffic through them. 30% of USA users are using Bing as their default search engine, Most of people using Ask search engine and a lot of peoples are using Google as their default search engine. It’s an easy way to get traffic (organic) and increase readers.

Concentrate on On-Page SEO – As I said above, Content works more than backlinks or off-page optimization. Making the content more reader-friendly – makes more readers and helps you to get rankings in search engines. We can optimize our blog with Meta tags, Keywords and – quality content.
Advice –“Good design can attract more readers to your blog

RSS Submission – Submitting blog in RSS Directories is an easy task but very beneficial for new blogs and websites. There a lot of RSS directories in which we can submit our blog posts to get backlinks and – Traffic. Submitting RSS in high Page rank directories can give you a good position in SERP’s and also good rankings. So never forget to do RSS submissions while optimizing – new blog. A good benefit of this tip is that you can do this while making content.

Blog Commenting – Commenting other blogs can give you more rankings in search engines, But! Keep in mind; Never do spamming, Just do comment on blog’s who are related to your niche. Never try to spam by comment automatically with bots, do manually and first read the post and then comment according to it. Now-a-days Commentluv commenting system is very popular to make quality backlinks. Just write your name, Email address and website/blog homepage link, Write comment and submit.

Directories Submission – There are a number of open web directories and have good ranks, so submit your blog/website and get benefited from it. Submitting in directories can give you good ranking in search engines as well as good traffic. – A Friendly advice; Always submit your blog to Google page rank 3+ directory, It will help you to get high rankings in few days!

Be Active on forums – There are a lot of bloggers and webmaster communities (Forums) through them you can get a lot of; backlinks and traffic. Getting traffic from blogger communities can also give you good Alexa rankings. Put your website/blog in the signature of your profile so when you reply to any thread you will get a back link.
By applying these tips on your newly born blog you can get good rankings and traffic easily – Thanks a lot for reading.

Top 50 RSS Directories To Submit Your Blog Without Signup

Rss directories 50+ submit blog

Getting do-follow backlinks to your blog or website is not easy; we have to do guest posts and other link building processes but RSS submission is the easiest way to get do-follow backlinks to your blog. As backlinks are the backbone of every blog and website and without backlinks blogs can't rank better in search engines but Content is more important then backlinks.

Free Download Softwares - Top 11 Freeware Software Download Sites

There are alot of free download software websites but they are violating the copyrights so I can't share them, But today after a-lot of search i found 11 most popular freeware software download websites of the world.

Whenever i wanted to download a software I check these websites and download. These websites full of free-ware and trial software’s or sometime they also gives full versions software’s free download, If you know more websites like this you can comment below, We will check that website and put into our list. All websites are the most popular downloading websites of 2012 and there are a lot of users of these websites. They provide quality software’s without external links (Viruses are usually in external links). All  links and files are 100% safe. So below you can see top 11 free software download websites to download any software easily.

Huge List of Commentluv Enabled blogs of 2012-2013

commentluv enabled blogs
Backlinks are the most important thing in rankings of every website or blog and a backlink with a do follow attribute worth alot. Well there are alot of rumors now-a-days that the commentluv backlinks are really beneficial to get high rankings and a good number of quality backlinks. On other hand, Backlinks are nothing if you don't have quality content, Always remember that the content is the king of every blog or website,

Top 100 Beautiful & Cute Baby Pictures (Baby photography)

Babies are the most precious gift of Allah and the photography of babies is the most amazing and interesting subject, Alot of people search daily about the cute baby photos and beautiful baby pictures but today we are going to post top 100 cute and beautiful baby photos of 2012-2013.
 Babies are very precious gift of God to their parents and childhood is the best period of life, today if we see our childhood pictures we smile and wish to go back to that time again. All babies are cute and beautiful but today we are going to post 100 beautiful and cute baby pictures, Most of people choose a baby picture to set the background of their desktop and some peoples put these pictures on their home walls.

Why Simple Blogger Templates Are Better Then Others ?

An Awesome , Fantastic and Cool Question is "Why Go For Simple Blogger Template".It means why a Blogger Should Select a Simple Template for his Blog.From Simple Template i mean , a Blogger Template having a really beautiful look with Stylish fonts,other awesome features. Or in Other Words a Template which load too fast , having widgets (useful) and Other Features.So Let's Learn Why Simple Blogger Templates Are Better Then Others ?

Leatherbound Blogger Template

Leather bound Blogger Template is a free Popular Blogger Template.It is Specially Design for Photo Blogs.It is 2 Columns Blogger Template , it has One Right Sidebar which makes it more Awesome Template.This Template has Ready Awesome Style Fonts . It has Grey Color Background with Woody Style Blur.This Template has ready CSS3 Drop Down Menu which helps the Visitors to navigate the Labels or Contents with Great Ease.This Template Author is Sora Templates , And its Designer is 4templates.This Template can Also be used for Personal blog ,Moreover it works Perfect with all type of Browsers i.e Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome , and IE etc.You Can Download it Free From Our Blog.

FB Covers - Top 40+ Best Facebook Timeline Covers - Download Now !

Facebook is the world's most popular social network and growing day by day, Facebook introduced the new feature almost in the end of september 2011, It was announced by Mark zucker berg the owner of facebook, Well  Facebook timeline changed the look of facebook profiles with dynamic history, Cover paper and alot of new features.
  Well today i'm going to post Top 43 Best Facebook Timeline Covers which gives a good look to your facebook profile. I hope you like them :) Do share if you like  !
 Best Facebook Timeline Covers - FB covers

Sasuke Uchiha - The Anime Post !

Sasuke Uchiha
(This May Contain Some Spoilers)

Uchiha Sasuke is a character of the Famous Anime "Naruto" & "Naruto Shippuden"; he is one of the main characters of the Anime. Sasuke was introduced as a boy who is about to give a Genin Exam, which he passes with outstanding results. After Graduating from the Ninja Academy he was in Team 7 of Konoha(Hidden Leaf Village) with the characters Naruto,Sakura and Kakashi. Currently in the Anime he is declared to be an International criminal and is known as a "Missing Ninja". He is one of the last survivors of the great Uchiha Clan.

Top 6 Unique, Fresh and Free Wordpress Themes

Wordpress is the world's famous blogging content management system (CMS) and a good open source blogging tool which is based on PHP and MySQL with new and great features for blogging.
 Most of the webs/blogs use wordpress as their content management system and according to alexa Wordpress is used by 16% of world's top 1 million websites.
 Well you can see rock paki is now on blogger but we are planning to migrate to wordpress, Anyway today I'm going to share 6 Unique and Fresh Free Wordpress Themes free download, You can see the list of free wordpress themes below.

#1 : Submarine 
Submarine is a well designed magazine style wordpress theme, It's easy to use and have unlimited number of colours with jquery widgets. You can set every thing easily in admin panel.

Top 6 Unique, Fresh and Free Wordpress Themes
| DownloadDemo |

#2 : Neptune - Free wordpress theme
Neptune is a fresh and free wordpress theme by WPExplorer for photoblogs, This theme have featured and unique post thumbnails with latest effects. The main colour of the theme is black but you can change it to others easily.
Top 6 Unique, Fresh and Free Wordpress Themes
#3 : Scientic theme 
Scientic is a unique red and white colour theme for wordpress, There are a number of jquery widget's already added in it you can modify them in admin panel. 
 Note : This theme is already Search engine optimized !
Top 6 Unique, Fresh and Free Wordpress Themes

#4 : Wp Auto news free wordpress theme 
Auto news is a free wordpress theme with a number of jquery effects, This design look's simple, clean and neat as other professional themes, The image slider feature makes this theme more unique and professional looking wordpress theme.This theme has 3 main colours. 
Top 6 Unique, Fresh and Free Wordpress Themes

#5 : Gazpo ! Magazine wordpress theme
Gazpo is a professional looking magazine style wordpress theme (FREE). You can edit and customize this theme easily through you admin panel, There are alot of widgets already installed in this theme. 
Top 6 Unique, Fresh and Free Wordpress Themes

#6 : Berkeliumist - The professional looking theme
Berkeleiumist is a free and a rich wordpress theme with a good design and feature posts. We can feature upto 3 posts on homepage of this theme and put a facebook like box in it ! 
professional wordpress theme

There are alot of premium and good looking wordpress themes but this is our pleasure to post some free themes for you. Soon we will post about premium themes too. Thanks alot for reading ! 

What is SEO ? - A Complete Introduction To Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO Stands for Search engine optimization, which is used to get traffic and to show up in search engines, SEO contains two words 1. Search engine 2. Optimization
 A complete introduction to seo

 1. Search engine 

Google is the best example of a search engine; we use Google daily to search movies, games, and other things by just writing a single word.
 Search engine works to search that word in other websites to show you and after searching Google show you each and every website one by one in different pages. It's easy to use Google rather than finding your specific keyword in websites one by one. 
 For example : if I want to download a game " Sleeping dogs " So I will go to Google and simply write sleeping dogs free download,
 If I want to get the game without search engine then how I can get it ? Without search engine it’s very difficult to find out your specific game or any specific keyword in this way I will open alot of websites one by one and search them. - Too difficult! 
world's popular search engines

2. Optimization

Optimization is an English word which means “Make the best use of “ In the field of SEO optimization means to optimize your website in search engines. There are alot of search engines which helps us to get traffic or to show up you as I discussed above. People optimize their websites or blogs in search engines to get traffic and for other purposes. Optimization in search engine is not difficult and not important but bloggers and web-masters should optimize their website for their readers! 
Search engine optimization

Types of Search Engine Optimization 

1. White hat SEO         2. Black hat SEO

1. White hat search engine optimization (SEO)

White hat SEO is also called user-friendly optimization, in this optimization only legal and user-friendly optimization is accepted. This is opposite to black hat and white hat SEO don't allows any illegal optimization or over optimization, Webmasters and bloggers have to write for their readers and focus on their readers not on search engines. Over optimization is also a bad thing for optimization. If you want to do white hat SEO then you should write original content and fresh content. Do not use any illegal and black hat technique and that's it! 
the best google optimization

Back links 
Back links is the post powerful method for search engine optimization, there are a number of methods to generate quality back links and through back link we can easily optimize our website in search engines. 
 How to make backlinks ??
Well there are more than hundred ways to build backlinks I have written few methods to get back links but quality backlinks check it here: 5 Killer tips to build quality backlinks  

Quality content: 
Now a day’s quality content and user-friendly content work's more then back links and search engine optimization, Writing a quality content will not only improve reader-ship on your but also attract search engines to your blog. 
 Building backlinks is necessary but not much important as compared to quality content , So focus on quality content not on optimization, Write for your readers not for search engines. 
 Trust me! I've asked from every expert about this, All experts said that we don't care about search engines, we write for our readers not for search engines
I advise you to write your own, Original and fresh content to attract crawlers and search engines towards your blog or website.

Social media sharing  
Social media is the most power tool for marketing and to grow your buisness.Websites like facebook,twitter and pinterest are the most popular social media websites and every blogger or webmaster need to use them to gain traffic, 
 Don't use social media as entertainment channel, Use them like a traffic source

Black hat Search engine optimization (SEO)
prevent ur blog from blackhat seo

In this type of optimization webmasters or bloggers try to dodge search engines and get high rankings and over optimize their websites by building mass back links. 
 There are a number of peoples doing black hat SEO but it's not good. Now a day’s search engine is more clever than those optimizers. 
 Black hat SEO contains alot of methods so let's discuss them!

Cloaking :

Cloaking is a black hat method to optimize a website in search engines, In this method peoples do over optimize a page and post to search engines, Or they make diffrent types of pages with the same content " Making diffrent tittles with the same content or making different content with same tittles to optimize the post in search engines is called cloaking” 
A cloaking page is packed with a number of keywords and advertising ads to over optimize and get serp's . 
It's very bad thing for those who write for their users and readers in this way they can't get rankings and can't get traffic if they even have good content and good optimization. 

Hidden Text

 Some year's before, People's was using hidden text technique to dodge search engines and they were successful in that, but now a days Google and other search engines are more clever then peoples. 
 Actually hidden text is a trick in which peoples write a long tail keywords or do keyword stuffing in hidden mode. They change the font size into smallest and change the text colour same as background, In this way their readers can't see it but now a days search engine's has feature to see all hidden text and links even in micro format.This is very harmful for bloggers and webmasters. 

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the most popular blackhat seo method,In this method people Stuff a lot of long tail keywords into a page and which help’s them to get targetted visitors and a good traffic from search engines easily. Now a days google panda and google penguin don’t allow these keyword stuffing and penalizing those webs who are doing keyword stuffing or doing any other black hat SEO technique,

Click jacking

Click jacking is not a new method but very rare people know about this,In this method webmaster’s put a script in their website and specify a point to click,
  When someone visit the website and click anywhere in web, The click directly jacked to the point specified by the webmaster
In this way they can get a number of facebook shares, Google +1’s , retweets and pins easily.But remember “ google is more smarter then others “ so never use these tricks to gain traffic and rankings, These are black hat SEO techniques and we didn’t shared them to help you in SEO but these are for knowledge. An SEO expert know’s everything about SEO including the wrong way and the right way but he do that what is best for his blog or website.
Never use any of black hat method otherwise google panda and google penguin will penalize your web or google will de-index your website or blog from search.

Well there are alot of ways of black hat SEO but here we can't discuss them.Soon i will post a article about how to do white hat SEO ! Thanks a lot for reading. 


Best Tips To enhance your beauty - Every girl should know !

beauty tips

Natural beauty is a gift of Allah and we should take care of it. Many people’s use alot of product's to enhance their beauty but only few tips can make your more beautiful than others. 
   Peoples read magazines and learn tips from beauty shows, That’s fair but not outstanding. 
Well today we are going to post some best tips to enhance your beauty. We have searched alot in different magazines and tried out diffrent products and now we are presenting you these tips.

Less make up is more! 
yes! I'm right less is more, Have you ever noticed that your friend or your colleagues is more beautiful then you? And she even doesn’t make up or don't care about her beauty.
 The reason is that she "Care" about her beauty but she don't realize it but a question
 why you don't look beauty? Well if you are doing make up daily, then trust me you are over doing it. Does less I mean if there is any event or anything special then do it otherwise be simple. 

Never Skip Sunscreen 
Never skip sunscreen as sun screen protects you from sun, Even there is cloudy and good weather outside but you have to use it daily, this is the first product by which you can use daily. There is no de-effect to use daily but there are alot of benefits.
never skip sunscreen

Test Lipstick or foundation before buying 

Always check lipsticks or foundation's before buying, I advise you to buy from a good company or brand or check it before buying. 
 Buy the color of lipstick which matches with your skin tone. If you bought the right one, you are so lucky!

Always use Vaseline 

Vaseline is a very useful product and very popular product ever, Vaseline protects your skin from damaging and makes it lush. 
Vaseline is also use to fix chapped lips and scaly lips. If you have chapped lips or scaly lips then try to massage your lips with Vaseline using a toothbrush. 
always use vaseline

Take care of nails 

Always clean your nails, if you use nail polish then remove it after 10 days and keep your nails clipped between pedicures. Just wait few days we will post about how to use nail polish? 
tips for girls to enhance beauty

So I think it’s enough for girls to know about the beauty and if you learn something about to enhance your beauty then please comment and subscribe our blog. This is our first post about make-up and fashion.

Iphone 5 Release Date confirmed by Apple

confirmed by apple
Iphone 5 Release Date confirmed by Apple

Apple is the most popular mobile phones and gadgets company and iPhone 5 is the most anticipated mobile phone of this year. Apple announced the release date on the event taken place on san francisco and confirmed that iphone 5 will release on 12 september 2012. 
 Iphone 5 will be features on iOS 6 and with new and great features.You can see the features below

  •  Camera 
Iphone 5 camera have 12 mega pixels and a good picture quality.You can easily make high quality (HD) videos and pictures through it and iphone 5 camera also supports face recongnition
  • The operating system (iOS)
As iphone 5 is the latest phone in the series of iphone so it have latest operating systems, However it can be easily upgrade to the new one but initially it has iOS 6
  •  Storage
Storage is the impressive as compared to other features. Rumors said that iphone 5 will have 32GB to 64 GBstorage and the ram of iphone 5 can support capacity upto 512 MB - 1 GB

  • Design 
This iphone completely different from the previous ! It have a glass at back of 9 mm which is recyclable and scratch proof. The iphone design is sleeker then others , The screen is almost about 9 " with 640 x 1136 pixels and this is the most anticipated. 
   The signal problem in iphone 4 is almost solved in this phone and a new home button added which makes its design different from others.

  • Network 
The iphone 5 network is more better then others, A new feature added in its network is that a 3d feature added in GPRS which makes its fans more happy ! 
 We can use internet without wifi yes! i mean with 3g network or with 4g network easily.

  • Battery
According to a rumor, Iphone 5 is expected to be more powerful as compared to others. Its battery time is expected to have a non stop time about 600 hours ! 

Well this is just a simple and initial review about iphone 5 wait for apple to reveal its more features !
 release date
Iphone 5 Release Date confirmed by Apple


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