Categories vs. Tags? Which one has more importance?

a If you are a WordPress user then you must know about categories and tags that are used frequently in this blogging platform. However, you may not know that purpose of these features and as we all want to blog keeping SEO rules in mind; you must also be thinking that which is better for SEO? I’m assuming that you are using categories and tags both in your blog already but if you are confused about how to use them and which one carries more importance then this post will make things a lot easier for you.
First, it I important to know about the basics of Categories and Tags so there are no complications in your thinking process.

categories and tags importance


The main purpose of categories is to group your posts. You can give a name to certain posts and keep them in a group. This is basically a great way to organize your content and let your visitors find what they are looking for easily. You can divide a category into sub categories as well. It is important to divide your posts into respective categories so you can have an organized blog and people can find a post in a category/ group where it belongs. It is just like keeping your room in order by placing everything in its place.
However, you will have to decide about the categories. Usually, it is completely dependent on the niche of your blog. Of course, if you have a blog related to healthcare, you will not make a category related to smartphones in it, will you?
why categories are more important


When you need to describe a piece of content in any of your category then you can use Tag for that purpose. The main reason to use a tag is to describe your work. Let’s say that you have wardrobe in which you have different kind of clothes. Wardrobe is a category and clothes for different occasions are content, whereas the occasions are tags. Again, it is up to you to decide what kind of tags you would like to use in your posts. They also provide Meta information about your website that is not governed by categories.

Which one has more importance?

Now that we have already talked about categories and Tags, it is right time to discuss their effectiveness. You will definitely want to know how much benefit your bog can get by using appropriate categories and if there is any use of applying tags to posts are not. According to our understanding, Categories play the role of grouping your work so it can be organized in a better way. On the other hand, tags can provide certain information to search engines at their end. From organizational point of view, categories are more important but when we talk about SEO then tags become important. In my opinion, a blend of both these features is what makes your blog a success. An organized blog with no SEO is worth nothing and a blog with SEO tags but no organization is also not worth a single penny.

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