Blogging in 2013 - Why You Are Lucky If You Are Going To Start Blogging in 2013?

a Now a days blogging is very popular, Almost 60% Internet users knows about blogging, Google and other search engines are very advance and can detect any black hat activity easily, NOW blogging is not easy as a piece of cake, You should blog just for readers and if even your mind gone at the side of search engine optimization, I'm sure your blog will get hit from google panda or google penguin.
 Search engine optimization is one another field but if you really want your blog to be optimized then just focus on your content and readers. Believe me if you do the same you'll automatically get good rankings in search engines as well as good number of readers.

blogging in 2013

 Few days left for the new year 2013, Today here I'm going to guide those peoples who are not aware of the taste of blogging and its benefits, The reasons why they should start a blog? why they are lucky if they are going to start blogging/blog in 2013. Well I'm one of them because I'm going to start a new blog GeekTen. Anyway there are alot of reasons you can see below.

Google's new algorithms:

Google is a very popular search engine and it continously releases the google panda and Google pengiun updates to reduce web spam from search engine. Old bloggers was not aware of it and some of them got hit by panda or penguin.
 If you are going to start now! then you are lucky because now you know well about google's new policies for bloggers and webmasters, You can obey their guidelines easily and I'm sure you'll never get hit of them.

More facilities:

I still remember when I started blogging, there was very less resources to learn it, to ask the questions about blogging and SEO, But today there are alot of blogs and websites about blogging and search engine optimization, Every newbie can easily learn it and can make his/her own blog within few times.
   One another thing that now a days there are very less internet problems, Internet is available in almost every second place, If you are really interested in blogging then today, Nothing will stop you to do it!

More competition:

Competition is growing day by day as alot of peoples are coming to blogging,
More Competition = More Hard Work
Yeah! If you want to stand-out from heavy crowd then you should do more hard work then others.You should produce quality content and focus on your readers, Be friendly with them and I'm sure within few time your blog will be on top as compared to your competitors.

More Earning ways:

Few years back, Only ads were the earning way for bloggers and if I go deep then Adsense. Everyone wanted to get Adsense on their blog for earning, But now a days not only ads but there are alot of ways to earn money from blogs, Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money in my eyes, other then it paid reviews, In-text ads and other ads are enough for a blog.

Final words:

Don't worry about time, You should learn first and then start a blog, Believe me this is the " Golden Time " for you to start blogging, Not only for earning but blogging can put 5 stars on your carrier. Thanks for reading.


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