28 Best Iphone 5 HD Wallpapers For Retina Displays - Download Now!

HD and retina wallpapers collection by rockpaki

I remember that day when first time I heard the release date of iphone 5, Iphone is a touch-screen mobile phone release and developed by Apple. This phone was announced on 12 September of 2012 and released on 21 September by apple; this is the first phone from apple which supports LTE and has a 4-inch screen. 
 Iphone 5 is much thinner and lighter mobile phone and contains apple's A6 Processor, Well since the phone is released; many people are searching about the backgrounds/wallpapers of iphone 5. Today surfing on facebook I saw a status by my friend about this 

 So I thought to make a post about some best iphone 5 wallpapers. Well this idea is give by my friend so all credits goes to him or to his blog -  Internet Dreamz
Below you can see the list of 28 Best Iphone 5 HD Retina Wallpapers you can download them by clicking with right mouse button and then save image as! 

#1 – Car wallpaper HD 
car with blur effect

#2 – Cherry - Retina
Red cherries hanging on tree

#3 – Highway View
iphone 5 hd and retina wallpaper

#4 – yellow cloud iphone 5 background
retina wallpaper brown colour with rain effects

#5 – Cartoon wallpaper 
HD bana with cartoon wallpaper for retina display

#6 –  River View - Retina
iphone 5 hd wallpaper for retina display

 #7 – Orange Flower HD 
High quality orange colour wallpaper for iphone 5

#8 – Speed-meter  
best iphone 5 retina and hd wallpapers

#9 – Multi shade wallpaper for iphone 5
hd wallpaper and for retina display iphone 5

#10 – Hello kitty - Iphone 5 wallpaper for girls
pink colour wallpaper for iphone 5

#11 – Mysterious wallpaper
hd and retina display wallpaper simple looking

#12 – Beautiful nature HD wallpaper
hd wallpaper for iphone 5

#13 – Green Frog retina wallpaper
green colour frog on leaves picture

#13 – Retina background with apple logo
apple logo with grey background hd looking picture

#14 – Best Retina wallpaper 
awesome night scene for retina displays

#15 – Apple logo with grey background
cool looking apple logo

#16 – Gold fishes in water - HD/Retina
high definition water and fishes picture for iphone 5

#17 - You Should be at work
iphone 5 hd wallpaper

#18 –  Z-Feeds
cool looking iphone 5 wallpaper

#19 –  Sports car HD
best looking sports car picture

#20 – World view Retina
hd wallpaper for iphone and retina displays

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#21 – The best Retina wallpaper - Robot
minimalist and hd iphone 5 wallpaper

#22 – Unknown :p 
high definition wallpaper

#23 – Colourful ropes
best iphone 5 wallpaper

#24 – Prince of Persia - HD
retina and hd wallpaper - gaming wallpapers

#25 – Beautiful effect 
iphone 5 hd wallpapers

#26 – Water Drops! Green
awesome looking iphone 5 hd wallpaper for retina displays

#27 – Blue effect
cool effect

#28 – Colourful effects HD & Retina
nice looking effect for iphone 5

I hope you like them!
Note : These wallpapers are not created by us ! 


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