Best Iphone 5 Games - 12 HD iPhone 5 Games for Bigger Screens

a We all know that the new iphone (iphone 5) is thinner, faster and lightest phone as compared to the previous version of iphone (iphone 4) and have a bigger screen then it. 
 Due to bigger screen (longer) many of games are not working correctly – so today I thought to post some games which works perfectly on the bigger screens of iphone 5. Not all apps/games are working correctly but there are few games I collected today to work correctly on iphone 5 screens; these games are HD and compatible with bigger screens. So below you can see the list of top 12 Best HD iphone 5 Games for bigger screens
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Best HD game compatible with iphone 5 screen
Price : 0.99 | Size : 1.14 GB
Asphalt 7: heat is the best game for iphone 5 retina screen. The developers of this game have optimized its resolution to work smoothly with the bigger and longer screen of iphone 5. Asphalt 7 is a car racing game and we can play with more than 60 best cars, there are 15 world's best car racing tracks to race on!
If you want to play multi-player then we can challenge players using any type of internet connection. The game is designed and optimized with best and high graphics to enhance the game-play, every car is unique and stylish then other. I'm sure you'll enjoy this game on your new iphone 5!

 #2  Wild Blood
best game for iphone 5 retina screen - Wild Blood
Price : $6.99 | Size: 771 MB
Wild Blood is the best 3D and iphone 5 optimized games for retina screens. The game is developed and published by Game loft - A very popular mobile gaming company. 
   A-lot of new fighting and graphical features are added into it. The game is full of real time 3D graphics and unreal technology. This is a mythical game and we have to defeat our enemies to get new locations and levels. If you are a fan of mythical games then this game is best for you and for your new iphone 5 ~ Cheers!

#3  Temple Run 
temple run game for iphone 5 retina display
Price: Free | Size: 29.0 MB

Temple run is the one of the most popular game of iphone and iPad! This game is also optimized for the bigger screens of iphone 5. Temple run is very unique and good game – In this game we have to collect coins and avoid obstacles, the player move automatically and we have to just control its direction using screen swipes. We can slide, jump and swipe!

#4 – Tiny Tower 
tinytower best iphone 5 game
Price: Free | Size: 12.6 MB
Tiny tower is the most playable and free game for iphone 5 big screens, this game is very interesting – We have to build a tower and handle their financial and business issues. Simply we just have to make our tower more addictive so other citizens come and live there.

#5 – Bag it – HD
HD game bag it for iphone
Price: $2.99 | Size: 34.4 MB
Bag it! HD is a unique and high definition game for iphone 5 lovers to show-off their bigger screens.
It is a family-friendly grocery bagging puzzle game with high graphics. We have to use different tricks to play this game and there are a lot of new levels such as – Ultimate Bagger, Power Surge and Endless Rampage. The game is very interesting and this game is about family issues so I called this game “Family-friendly iphone 5 Game “

#6  Touchgrind BMX
touchgrind bmx iphone 5 game
Price: $4.99 | Size: 125 MB
Touchgrind BMX is a cycling game which allow player to control the game with swipes. 

Player can use different tricks and make the game more interesting, We can share our best performances in youtube or in facebook. This is a HD and a real looking iphone 5 game with awesome graphics and features.

#7 Agent Dash
iphone 5 game agent dash HD
 Price: $0.99 | Size: 25 MB
Agent Dash is a iphone 5’s high resolution screen optimized game with a number of high graphical stunning actions.In the game we have to destroy the bases of our enemies as much as we can. There are a number of cool gadgets which helps us to finish the mission. We can also play this game against our facebook friends using Facebook-integration.

High resolution iphone 5 commandos game
Price: Free | Size: 152 MB
Frontline Commando is a unique game in which our character is a commando and we have to fight against a dictator.This is a best game with a number of cool weapons and high quality graphics to enhance the gameplay.There are a lot of physical effects and weapon’s which makes the game more interesting!

touch hockey 2 iphone 5 game
Price: Free | Size: 43.7 MB
Touch Hockey 2 is a best iphone 5 game in sports category. We have to play with our opponenet and have to collect coints and buy new and fantastic content in game with interesting features. This is very interesting sports game for iphone 5!

#10 SpellTower
spelltower game for iphone 5
Price: $1.99 | Size: 14.1 MB
Spell tower is a best game for kids to learn spellings. It’s a unique game in which we have to combine some alphabets to make a word or – simply we have to make words using alphabets. This is very interesting game for bigger screen of iphone 5. 

#11 Happy Street
happy street iphone 5 game
Price: free | Size: 37.6 MB
This is a very popular game in which we can make friends, edit characters and make our village.The game is much interesting and very high resolution as compared to other games.We can play with our friends and we can customize our village and characters easily!

#12 W.E.L.D.E.R
W.E.L.D.E.R game for iphone 5
Price: $0.99 | Size: 49.5 MB

WELDER is a best puzzle game for iphone 5 in this game we have to find the words in a machine, the game helps you to learn new words and spellings, This is the best puzzle game for kids.

So above you can see the list of 12 best HD games for iphone 5 bigger and retina displays - Thanks for reading i hope you liked them. Cheers!


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