Top 5 free SEO Friendly And Magazine Style Blogger Templates


The Template Listen below Are Magazine Style Blogger Template, they are among the latest blogger templates. They also include some features of the Word press themes by this you can easily choose the template you like the most and make it your blogger theme. These templates are professionally designed, before selecting your template view its demo so you can idealize the template.  

1. Magasin Uno


  • Magasin Uno is professional looking magazine template.
  • It has a Sliding Gallery based on your Featured Stuff/Content.
  • It gives a 728x15 ads Gadget at the right side of the header.
  • 480x60 ads gadget.
  • Gives You A Header Navigation Menu.
  • A Section for your Twitter Updates.
  • An Add Section 125x125

 Magasin Uno is a template with 3 columns, it includes a descent right sidebar, and it has space for ads and a featured content slider.

 2. MobiPress

Mobipress is a free magazine styled blogger theme designed by Web2Feel and it is Adapted from Wordpress.

  • Has an attractive navigation bar at a top and one below the Header.
  • Stylish search box.
  • Twitter updates section.
  • Header with a section to write your websites introduction.
In short MobiPress is a template with 3 columns, a right sidebar, 2.0 web design and rounded corners.

3. Game Zine

GameZine is a free magazine styled blogger template, made for people who want a blog on games. It has been converted from wordpress.
  • Navigation Bar Above Header and below header.
  • Miniport which automatically includes an image.
  • Featured image slider.
  • Featured video gadget.
  • Search box also included.
 GameZine has 3 columns, a right sidebar and it has an image slider.

4. Magasin Cuatro
adapted from wordpress for blogger

Magasin Cuatro is a free magazine styled blogger template designed by Pad It solutions and the Template author is Falcon Hive.This Template is Adapted from Wordpress.
  • Navigation Bar below header.
  • Stylish Featured Post Section.
  • 125x125 Adds section.
  • Search box in Nav bar.
In short Magasin Cuatro has 3 columns , a right sidebar, SEO friendly and the web 2.0 design.
5. Mahusay
live demo

Mahusay is a free magazine styled blogger template Designed by Pad It Solutions and Authors are FBTemplate.

  • Professionally designed.
  • Stylish Navigation bar with a search box in it.
  • Featured Content Slider, alongside about the author of featured post.
  • Subscription Button.
  • A 400x400 and a 480x60 add section.
In short This Template is with 2 Columns, a right sidebar and a featured content slider.

These are the 5 magazine style blogger themes, you can make them more search engine optimization friendly by setting meta tags, tittle and your blog content.. ! Thanks for reading.


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