Top 5 Best Internet Download Managers of 2012 & 2013


If you are using the internet, a time will come when you will have to download something. So basically a Download Manager is a program which is just like the download managers we have in our browsers,
But sometimes they do not give us the full speed of the internet and they are not accurate. To speed up your Downloads and to manage them easily we take the help of a “Download Manager”.

Right now there are many Download Managers which are available on the internet which we can use for free or for a little amount of money.

1. Internet Download Manager 
Internet Download manager

Internet Download Manager is my favorite download manager and is also pretty popular. It is also known as IDM.
Its Featured include the automatic downloading of any file in particular.
It has got a list of recent files that have been downloading, through that it is easy to locate your files.
IDM makes folders such as:
  • Music
  • Programs
  • Documents
  • Compressed
And the files which are like .mp3 go into Music and the files which are in .exe format go in Programs and which are like .pdf go into Documents and files like .rar go into Compressed Folder. It Also Accelerates your downloads according to your download speed. It splits the file into pieces to download it simultaneously. IDM Supports all the latest browsers and is only available for Microsoft Windows.

2. Free Download Manager
best internet download managers

Free download manager is a free as it says and a pretty easy to use. It accelerates your download and you can also manage your downloads. Free Download Manager is very safe. It can also resume broken downloads if there is a problem from the server. It Imports list of URL’s from your clipboard.
It splits the file into pieces to download it simultaneously. It is only available for Microsoft Windows and supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Netscape 
  • Sea monkey

3. Orbit Downloader
best internet download managers

Orbit downloader is a popular download manager you can download audio, video or any types of files with the help of it. It is only for Microsoft Windows. People often want to download videos from Youtube; it easily grabs the download link and lets you download it. Like other download managers it also accelerates your download speed. Orbit Downloader supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web Browsers. It splits the file into pieces to download it simultaneously.

4. Download Accelerator Plusbest internet download managers
Download Accelerator Plus supports all latest browsers. It accelerates the speed more than any other download manager. It supports 42 languages. It is very security cautious as it scans the file(s) when it is downloading it. It is Available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS x.
It comes in three editions:
DAP Free, DAP Premium and DAP Mac.

5. WxDownload Fast  
best internet download managers

WxDownload Fast is a free download manager which supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS x, BSD and Linux. It gives us an easy access to completed downloads and it also supports the function of pausing the download at a certain moment and then resume it. It has a portable version for Microsoft Windows. It also supports multiple languages. It splits the file into pieces to download it simultaneously.


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