Optimize Your Blog – Top SEO Tips for New Blogs and Websites

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Optimization in search engines is very easy but if;  your blog have quality and reader-friendly content, SEO is very vast, There is not only a single method by which your website/blog can be optimized but there are a number of methods to do search engine optimization.
Before starting optimization; you should make quality content, If you have good content then SEO is not difficult for your and without quality content your website or blog can’t be optimized in search engines. We optimize our blog and websites to get traffic and readers from search engines as SE’s are the big source of traffic. So there are a lot of methods to optimize your blog–in search engines.

Quality Content – In the terminology of SEO, Quality content means reader-friendly content. If your article or your content is well written and well presented then this is called quality content. As I said above that optimization (Off page) is not possible without quality content. So this is the first and the most important step to optimize your blog in search engines easily. Always write reader-friendly article and divide it into some paragraphs, use line numbers for points and use headings to highlight any point in article to make it easy to read.

Social Media Promotion – Is the second big source of traffic in 2012, Bloggers and webmasters are getting millions of readers/visitors from – social media websites. Use these websites as a source of traffic and promote your blog content in these websites. By promoting in social media websites your blog can get a-huge traffic. Well this is a must-do thing for new blogs because getting traffic from search engines takes some time so for quick traffic and – optimization you use this.

Submit Sitemaps to Search engines – Search engine don’t only mean Google, But! There are a lot of search engines like Bing, Blekko and ask etc. Most of search engines; don’t index any website/blog until they don’t have sitemap, so submit sitemaps to diffrent country search engines to get traffic through them. 30% of USA users are using Bing as their default search engine, Most of people using Ask search engine and a lot of peoples are using Google as their default search engine. It’s an easy way to get traffic (organic) and increase readers.

Concentrate on On-Page SEO – As I said above, Content works more than backlinks or off-page optimization. Making the content more reader-friendly – makes more readers and helps you to get rankings in search engines. We can optimize our blog with Meta tags, Keywords and – quality content.
Advice –“Good design can attract more readers to your blog

RSS Submission – Submitting blog in RSS Directories is an easy task but very beneficial for new blogs and websites. There a lot of RSS directories in which we can submit our blog posts to get backlinks and – Traffic. Submitting RSS in high Page rank directories can give you a good position in SERP’s and also good rankings. So never forget to do RSS submissions while optimizing – new blog. A good benefit of this tip is that you can do this while making content.

Blog Commenting – Commenting other blogs can give you more rankings in search engines, But! Keep in mind; Never do spamming, Just do comment on blog’s who are related to your niche. Never try to spam by comment automatically with bots, do manually and first read the post and then comment according to it. Now-a-days Commentluv commenting system is very popular to make quality backlinks. Just write your name, Email address and website/blog homepage link, Write comment and submit.

Directories Submission – There are a number of open web directories and have good ranks, so submit your blog/website and get benefited from it. Submitting in directories can give you good ranking in search engines as well as good traffic. – A Friendly advice; Always submit your blog to Google page rank 3+ directory, It will help you to get high rankings in few days!

Be Active on forums – There are a lot of bloggers and webmaster communities (Forums) through them you can get a lot of; backlinks and traffic. Getting traffic from blogger communities can also give you good Alexa rankings. Put your website/blog in the signature of your profile so when you reply to any thread you will get a back link.
By applying these tips on your newly born blog you can get good rankings and traffic easily – Thanks a lot for reading.


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