Iphone 5 Release Date confirmed by Apple

confirmed by apple
Iphone 5 Release Date confirmed by Apple

Apple is the most popular mobile phones and gadgets company and iPhone 5 is the most anticipated mobile phone of this year. Apple announced the release date on the event taken place on san francisco and confirmed that iphone 5 will release on 12 september 2012. 
 Iphone 5 will be features on iOS 6 and with new and great features.You can see the features below

  •  Camera 
Iphone 5 camera have 12 mega pixels and a good picture quality.You can easily make high quality (HD) videos and pictures through it and iphone 5 camera also supports face recongnition
  • The operating system (iOS)
As iphone 5 is the latest phone in the series of iphone so it have latest operating systems, However it can be easily upgrade to the new one but initially it has iOS 6
  •  Storage
Storage is the impressive as compared to other features. Rumors said that iphone 5 will have 32GB to 64 GBstorage and the ram of iphone 5 can support capacity upto 512 MB - 1 GB

  • Design 
This iphone completely different from the previous ! It have a glass at back of 9 mm which is recyclable and scratch proof. The iphone design is sleeker then others , The screen is almost about 9 " with 640 x 1136 pixels and this is the most anticipated. 
   The signal problem in iphone 4 is almost solved in this phone and a new home button added which makes its design different from others.

  • Network 
The iphone 5 network is more better then others, A new feature added in its network is that a 3d feature added in GPRS which makes its fans more happy ! 
 We can use internet without wifi yes! i mean with 3g network or with 4g network easily.

  • Battery
According to a rumor, Iphone 5 is expected to be more powerful as compared to others. Its battery time is expected to have a non stop time about 600 hours ! 

Well this is just a simple and initial review about iphone 5 wait for apple to reveal its more features !
 release date
Iphone 5 Release Date confirmed by Apple


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