Get Your Work Done More Efficiently With These Amazing Free Android Apps

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For many people, iPad and Android tablets have taken on the role of the traditional PC. However, tablets are not yet there when it comes to getting work done very fast. Fortunately, there are a number of apps on the Google Play for your Android tablets that will make you more productive and let you work more efficiently. 

This note taking app has been in the market for more than a few years now. It was there since the PC days and it allows you to take notes anywhere, anytime. It is one of our favorite apps. It helps you organize your thoughts whether it is by typing or recording audio. It will neatly arrange all your notes, so that you can easily access them later.
The best thing with Evernote is that is available for all Apple devices and smartphones as well. It syncs all your notes across these devices so that you don’t have to worry about copying them or creating a central database of notes. 
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If you think Siri is amazing, wait till you see Robin. This is a virtual personal assistant that does more than just speech recognition. It has tons of more useful features as compared to Siri. For instance, Siri can only take questions and answer them. However, Robin can also write messages, Tweet for you and read our tweets from your stream. 
What’s more, she also gives you a lot more such as turn by turn directions for wherever you want to go. You want real time information about parking space? No problem. Robin has it ready for you, wherever you go.
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Ever wished that you had your Microsoft office suite on your Android tablet? Turns out, there is a way to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations with office on your tablet too, courtesy CloudOn. This amazing free app lets you run the same Microsoft programs on your Android tablet for free. 
CloudOn is a virtual PC terminal that emulates your Windows PC on Android. If you want to be productive on the go, then this is a must have app. You don’t even have to pay for it.
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Adobe Reader  
Reading PDF files on Android can be a pain sometimes. There is a default app on all tablets, but it is very slow and sometimes doesn’t display your documents properly. Fortunately, Adobe Reader alleviates this problem by giving you a full featured PDF reader that is fast and more efficient. 
Coming from the creators of PDF, it displays your documents perfectly, so they are practically the same as when you read them on your laptop. Many documents on the web are in the PDF format. They may be reports that you want to read or white papers. Adobe Reader helps you manage all these apps with great ease. 
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Microsoft OneNote  
This is yet another excellent note taking application that comes from Microsoft. It is the best productivity app that you can find. Much like Evernote, you can add anything to your notes including text, audio, pictures, video and manage them very easily. You can speak to OneNote and it will record your messages perfectly. 
You can write on OneNote and it will recognize your handwriting and store it in plain text. It is suitable for all devices. It is available for all laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. The Google Play Android app store is filled with more such productivity apps. However, they are the best that we have used. Depending on what you want to do, there are even more apps in this category to make your life easier. 

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