Top 12 Cool Windows 8 HD wallpapers for desktop backgrounds

a Windows 8 is the latest operating system produced by microsoft for home, personal use, offices, tablet pc's, and for other devices, Windows 8 is the latest operating system in the series of windows, 
 Windows 8 is going to release on 26 october 2012 by microsoft, Recently the developers version of windows 8 was released but that has alot of bugs as every developers preview has.
 After release of windows 8 it will be available in four major editions i.e Windows 8, Windows 8 pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows RT, Well in this version i mean in windows 8 microsoft added a number of new features in it, This windows will support USB 3.0 and buit in internet explorer 10 , Windows defender to prevent malwares from your pc and protect your pc from malicious attacks, 
Well today i'm going to post Windows 8 HD wallpapers for desktop backgrounds free, Below you can see the list

Fresh looking wallpaper
Multi colour Fresh looking Windows 8 Wallpaper

purple colour wallpaper with blocks
Purple Colour with Blocks windows 8 wallpaper

autumn hd wallpaper
 Autumn wallpaper Widescreen HD

high definition sea site
 High Definition Widescreen wallpaper windows 8

simple logo with colours windows 8
 Windows 8 ultimate wallpaper 

windows 9 blue colour beta
 Windows 8 beta default wallpaper high definition
not wide screen wallpaper for windows 8
 Simple wallpaper of windows 8 logo (Not widescreen)

grass high definition wallpaper
 High definition Grass wallpaper windows 8 - Not widescreen
wide screen grass
  High definition Grass wallpaper windows 8 - widescreen
simple blue looking wallpaper
 Simple looking blue colour windows 8 wallpaper

green and black
 Green and black colour wallpaper HD

brown colour wallpaper
 Windows 8 brown colour wallpaper with new mircrosoft logo

purple colour windows 8 super wallpaper HD
Windows 8 non widescreen wallpaper 


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