Guild wars 2 free download full version for pc


Guild wars 2 free download full version pc game
Guild wars 2 is a good multiplayer online role playing game release on 28th august 2012, The game is developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft !
The game is created on the fantasy world of tyria with good graphics, The publisher of guild wars 2 claimed that this game is unique and featuring the best story line which is reponsible to the players action , Well let's talk about the gameplay 
 Guild wars 2 free download full version pc game
Gameplay :
Well the guild wars 2 game uses heavily modified version of propriety game enginer, which is developed by the arenanet yes the same on who developed the game,The engine is featured with havok physics system with extra-ordinary high graphic features including real time 3d environments,
Guild wars 2 allows players to make a new character with 5 races and 8 proffessions, The game is released for almost all gaming consoles like playstation 3, xbox 360, microsoft windows, 

Game info :
  • Ratings : ESRB = T 
  • Game mode : Multiplayer
  • Series : Guild wars
  • Writers : Ree Soesbee , Jeff Grubb, Bobby Stein
  • Developer : ArenaNet
  • Publisher : NCsoft
  • Programmers : James Boer
Download :
So today i'm going to post a free link to download guild wars 2 pc game free download full version , click the button below to download the game free ! 

System requirements :

  • Windows xp / windows 7 / windows vista
  • intel core 2 duo processor 2.0 Ghz or Core i3
  • 25 GB Free hard disk space
  • Internet connection (To play multiplayer)
  • 256 mb of 3d video card with 3.0 pixel shaders ! 
Guild wars 2 free download full version pc game


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