GTA san andreas free download full version pc game

Grand theft auto 5 san andreas free download full version with sound

Assalam - o - alaikum friends, As usual today i'm going to post a good game for u, you can download, play and enjoy that game, YES ! you are right that is from rockstar games and the name of that game is Grand theft auto san andreas free download full version for pc, some peoples call it grand theft auto 5 or GTA 5 san andreas because this is 5th installment in the series of grand theft auto games, 
 This is very interesting game published and developed by rockstar games R* , This is a sequel to grand theft auto vice city and this game is more better then the previous one, Our player can drive cars, bikes, cycles , planes and everything, We can rob peoples and earn money, through money we can buy weapons, Cars and other useful things. If you are a new player of the game then i suggest you to play gta 4 first, and after it come into gta 5 game, because this game is little bit difficult as compare to the previous version of games and this game has alot of new features like swimming, hair cutting, eating, drinking and the cool thing in this game is the body building.
The gameplay of the game is so interesting as our real life, real roads, real bikes and everything looking realastic, Our player has a good look and with a good body ;) , Running fastly in the missions makes our player tired, For making stamina we have to swim more and more and increase stamina, 
  We do missions for money and due to money we buy other things like cars and weapons, As i said this game is created by rockstar games and you know how popular company rockstar is ! 
Recently rockstar games released a new game " Max payne " which is played alot now a days, 
As we talk about the previous versions of game then those games were having very less features, our player can't even swim into water, If mistakely our car fall into water then we have to start the game from start, The missions of those games was interesting but due to less features they were boring missions, but still we like to play that. 
Grand theft auto is the single player game but if you want to play this game as multiplayer then we can play it by modding the game and setting game with a server, We can also play game as a free life, Walk, Drive and fight without doing missions.
We can buy properties in game and can save game into it, A very cool thing in the game is that most of cars has a nitrous which makes the car as faster as plane, I suggest you to don't use cheat codes if you really want the real fun of the game because due to cheats you can do everything in the game, you can get your power back, Get a good vehicle and even change the wether and in my words that is not good for a true gamer, There are alot of cheat codes which makes the game more intersting for newbies, 
 There are wanted levels for police , If you did anything wrong police will start chasing you and arrest you, The game will start from beginning of the mission and if you did any thing wrong and still doing that the wanted level will increase with more star levels, if you have a wanted level with one star then its mean that one police officer is behind you and will arrest you and if you still do wrong things more police will start to catch you and aresst you so in the game we have to prevent killing pedestrians, Stop stealing cars, Stop using weapons and stop fighting with others.
As we said that in the game we are like gangsters, we do illegal activities and illegal missions, we have to do just like a play with police, Police will also chase you during missions if u do anything illegal in it, 
Personally i like this game and i love to do wrong things in the game and escaping from police, I'm a very power player of grand theft auto 5 san andreas and its my suggestion to you to play this game, this is very interesting game and the most popular game now a days, its characters look like real and its gameplay is much better then other games, this is a open world adventure game by rockstar entertainment.

GTA san andreas is a most popular game with good graphics and gameplay, For playing gta san andreas on your pc your pc must have to be atleast pentium 4 with 1.8 GHz processor, 512 mb of ram and yeah ! 128 mb of card is much important for this game, without graphics card you cant able to play game, you need atleast 5 gb free hard disk space to run this game.

So today i'm going to post a free link to download Grand theft auto 5 san andreas free download full version with sound , Click the button below to download gta 5 san andreas full version for pc :D


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