Need for speed 2 special editon free download (SE)

a If you are Car racing games lover then yeah ! This game is for you, This is an old game but still the best racing game, The graphics are old but the game play is awesome, You know what was the first name of need for speed 2 when released in japan ? First time when need for speed released its name was  ":Over divin II "
The game is developed by Electronics arts canada and published by the same company Electronic arts, The game is much interesting, It features new cars and new tracks and locations for players to choose one from them, Let's talk about need for speed 2 SE game play. 

Gameplay : 
Need for speed 2 features 3 main game play types, The first one is the single player and the second one is called Tournament, The last game type of the need for speed 2 is Knock-out , The first one  " Single race " Allow player to drive and set according to the tracks and locations easily, It increases the driving skills and the speed limitation, handling, etc practices, On single race we can only increase our skills in 6 tracks !
   In single player our player selecting opponent car and after beating all in tournament we can goto knock-out race as mention above , There are two gameplay options, Arcade and simulation, The arcade one allows you to play and increase driving skills while other Simulation one is making the game realism, In every type of  game we can change transmission to auto and from auto to manual easily.

Special Edition :
The need for speed 2 special edition was released on 6 november 1997 in japan and europe, This special edition contains some new features as compared to the previous game version ,
  This special edition contains a new track for driving and four special cars, It add a new feature in driving type called " Wild " driving feature.

Download :
As i explained the story and the new feature of games, Its not just a review or only information but today i'm going to post a free link to dowload Need for speed 2 special editon free download (SE) for pc, Click the download button below to download need for speed ii for pc
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Screen shots :
need for speed 2 special edition

special editon free

Need for speed 2 special

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gameplay pictures

Need for speed 2 special editon free download (SE)


cars picture in need for speed 2

gameplay picture

Need for speed 2 special editon free download (SE)

Need for speed 2 special editon free download (SE)


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